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Eaglesgate Community Association
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FAQ: The Good Neighbor’s Guide

What are the rules for Eaglesgate residents?
The governing document for all Eaglesgate property owners is the Declaration of Covenants, Restrictions, Easements, Charges, Assessments and Liens for Eaglesgate, LLC and its amendments. The Covenants apply to all residents, tenants, leaseholders, and/or lot owners. Some of the more important provisions can be found at here.
How is the community organized?
The homeowners association is called the Eaglesgate Community Association. Members of the Association are property owners. Each household or owner of lot(s), in good standing with the Association, has one vote on matters of importance to the community.
The ECA is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the residents. Each director serves a two-year term and is charged with looking after the best interests of the whole community, including making policy and enforcing the Covenants. Club Management Services provides administrative, financial, and technological services to the Association. For contact information, see here.
What are the dues and fees for property owners?
Property owners must pay an annual Assessment of $500 for each home or lot (owner occupied).  If the home is being rented, the dues will be $880 per lot.  Invoices are sent out each year by January 1. For more information on dues and fees, see here.  (updated 11/2019)

For information about future dues payment schedule, see Dues Payment Timeline  (updated 8/2018)

For information about fees and fines for covenant violations, see ECA Fines & Fees (updated 8/2018)
Residents also pay a $250 transfer fee when they close on property in Eaglesgate. See Closing Co's/Realtors Transfer Fees.
What amenities and privileges does Eaglesgate offer?
The community offers a number of recreation and relaxation opportunities, including a swimming pool, tennis and basketball courts, three ponds with fountains and fish, as well as well-maintained common areas open to all residents and their guests. In addition, the Eaglesgate clubhouse provides ideal facilities for meetings and other events.
How do residents schedule events at the clubhouse?
The clubhouse is available to all residents in good standing with the Association. The rental fee for a clubhouse event is $150, plus a $150 cleaning/damage deposit, which is refundable. The rental includes meeting room, use of kitchen facilities, and tables and chairs. It does not include private use of the pool.
For reservations, feel free to check the ECA event calendar for available dates and download an Clubhouse Reservation Form  If you have any questions, please send an email to
What are the rules for the pool?
The pool is open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily from Memorial Day to Labor Day. There is no lifeguard on duty. All children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult (18 or older). Pets, smoking, alcohol and glass containers are not allowed. Guests (no more than four per household) must be accompanied by a resident. The pool cannot be closed for private parties.
To obtain access cards to the pool, residents in good standing with the Association should send an email to, providing name, address, and contact information.
How do residents lose good standing status?
Residents who fail to pay dues, fees or other charges as required, or have liens or legal issues with the Association for violations of the Covenants, development guidelines or Board policies may lose community privileges, including the right to vote and use of community facilities, such as the pool, courts and clubhouse. See Section 3.04 of the Covenants .
What are the requirements for new homes?
The Association’s Design Review Committee is charged with protecting the architectural integrity of the community, the value of all homes, and the quality of life in the community. Before home construction begins, a builder must submit for review and approval detailed plans and a construction request to the DRC. The Covenants and the DRC’s development guidelines provide specific standards and requirements. Details and request forms may be obtained in the Builders section.
What are the requirements for changing existing homes?
Residents planning to add fences, pools, decks, retaining walls, landscaping, etc., or to change the exterior of their homes must submit detailed plans and a request to the DRC for written approval before construction begins. More information and request forms can be found in the Builders/Document Library/Development Guidelines.
Are residents allowed to have garage sales?
Eaglesgate has one community-wide garage sales each year, usually during the first week of May on a Friday and Saturday, from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. each day. The Association promotes the sales in the daily newspaper, online, with entrance signs and in other ways. Residents may not hold individual garage sales.
How do new residents get trash service started?
Trash service is not included in the Association dues, so new residents must obtain trash service on their own.
How is compliance with Eaglesgate requirements enforced?
The most frequent violations of the Covenants have to do with poor maintenance of homes, lawns, and landscaping; improper parking of vehicles; leaving trash barrels out; and problems with pets.
A list of violations and details can be found in the Covenants. If residents wish to report apparent violations, they may email or fill out a form that than can be found at Residents/Compliance and Complaints.
A member of the Board or the DRC will visit homes where violations are reported to confirm the reports. If violations are observed, homeowners will be informed and asked to correct the problems immediately. Penalties for repeated violations or refusal to correct them include loss of privileges, fines, and other Right of Action provisions of Article XV of the Covenants.

Eaglesgate Policy on Delinquent Fines and Fees:  Click here: ECA Fines & Fees

Updated August 2018
How can residents find answers to other questions?
To make detailed information more quickly accessible, this Web site is divided into sections for residents, prospective owners, builders, closing companies/Realtors, and contractors. But if residents can’t find the answer to their questions there, they may contact the Board of Directors and the Design Review Committee by emailing their questions to or by writing Club Management Services at 1717 East Republic Road, Suite A, Springfield, MO 65804. See Contact Us.

Last updated June 11, 2014