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Highlights of Eaglesgate Covenants

The key to making and keeping Eaglesgate a wonderful community is the exercise of courtesy and common sense by all residents. When in doubt about what that means exactly, the Covenants provide more specific guidance. The purpose of the Covenants is to promote “the common good and general welfare of all Residents” and to enhance and protect “the value, desirability and attractiveness” of the community. It is the governing document for the sub-division and a contract that all residents enter into when they purchase property in the community. The official name of the covenants is Declaration of Covenants, Restrictions, Easements, Charges, Assessment, and Liens for Eaglesgate.

The full document may be found here (PDF).

Maintain your home.
Lawns should be regularly mowed, watered, fertilized, weeded and seeded. The exteriors of homes should be painted and in good repair. Areas not covered with grass should be covered with mulch, bark, or rock. Trees and shrubs should be pruned regularly. [Section 10.01]
Avoid property clutter.
No storage building, trailer, tent, free-standing garage, barn or other temporary structures may be placed on any lot. Residents must obtain approval of the Design Review Committee before installing a swimming pool; permanently constructed stoves, grills, or ovens; or any ornamental structures such as fountains, gazebos, pergolas, or arbors. [Section 10.07]
Signs, billboards, and other advertising or promotional devices should not be placed on your property, even during construction projects. “For Rent” and “For Sale” signs may be placed temporarily with Design Review Committee approval. [Section 10.09]
Park vehicles properly.
Residents are not allowed to habitually park the following vehicles in front of their residence, on their lots or driveways, or on adjacent streets: automobiles, trucks, commercial vehicles, trailers, commercial trailer houses, recreational vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, campers, motorcycles, mobile homes, boats or boat trailers. Do not park vehicles so as to impede traffic or block access to sidewalks, mailboxes or common areas. [Section 10.12]
Garages should be used primarily for parking vehicles. For security purposes and to preserve the appearance of the residence, garage doors should be kept closed as often as practicable. [Section 11.05(e)]
Keep construction disruption to a minimum.
No home construction, remodeling or other project with an unfinished exterior will be allowed for more than six months, unless the Design Review Committee approves an extension. [Section 10.06]
Do not use any lot for a dumping ground for rubbish. Lumber, metals or bulk materials cannot be stored or allowed to accumulate on lots except during construction and then for not more than 180 days. [Section 10.11]
Be a good neighbor, not a nuisance.
Only animals considered “customary household pets” may be kept on residents’ property. The Design Review Committee may prohibit certain dogs that bark or howl excessively. Owners may be fined for letting their dogs run free without a leash. Certain breeds of dogs “with vicious propensities” are prohibited. [Section 10.10]
Trash, leaves, grass, weeds, and similar litter cannot be burned on residents’ property. Trash barrels must be stored out of sight when not set out for pick-up. [Sections 10.11 and 10.18]
Bright or glaring lighting directed or spilling outside lot boundaries is considered a nuisance. Outside lighting must be white, except for temporary holiday decorations. [Section 10.13]
The sale or use of fireworks and the hunting and trapping of animals by any means are prohibited in the neighborhood. [Section 10.23]
Clothing and fabric may not be hung outside the home. [Section 11.04]

If you have questions about these or any others neighborhood rules, please email them to the Board and Design Review Committee at