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Important Information for Prospective Owners

Dues and Fees

The annual property owners’ dues (Assessments) are required by the Covenants to provide the revenue needed to conduct the Association’s business. Those dues are collected at the beginning of the budget year, which is the calendar year for the Association.

The majority of residents pay their dues on time, but the Association still needs incentives, such as late fees and penalties, for the few each year who do not pay their dues on time. If there is a significant drop in revenue flow between the end of the previous budget year and the new budget year, the Association will not have the necessary funds to fulfill its contracts and obligations, provide necessary services, or to keep the neighborhood running as residents expect and deserve.

Dues Payment Timeline (updated September 2018)


Dues for 2020 will be $500 per lot (owner occupied).  If a home is being rented, the dues will be $880.   Last updated November 20, 2019.

Transfer Fees

In addition to the annual dues and other periodic assessments and charges, Eaglesgate residents must pay a transfer fee. The one-time administrative fee, in the amount of $250, is paid by all new property owners in Eaglesgate.

The transfer fee is designed to cover a variety of administrative functions triggered by the sale of property from one owner to another. Those tasks include changes and updates to mail files, the billing database, the Eaglesgate directory and map, community email accounts, pool cards, and compilation and distribution of resident welcome packets, as well other administrative responsibilities.

The transfer fee is supposed to be collected at the time of closing on a property by the closing company and forwarded to the Eaglesgate Community Association. If the closing company fails to collect the fee, it is collected from the new property owner.

This fee has been collected since development of the sub-division began, and Association Boards of Directors have continued that policy. It was most recently affirmed by the Board on February 19, 2014.

The Association’s support service follows up on every property transaction to make sure the transfer fee is collected and sent to the Association.

Last updated June 11, 2014

Rental Policy

Rental Property Implementation Policy

            This document establishes policies and procedures for managing the rental or  lease of single-family residences in Eaglesgate. The Declaration of Covenants directs the Association’s Board of Directors to develop and implement these rules and regulations.

            The terms lease and rental apply to all single-family residences in Eaglesgate that are occupied by tenants, defined as persons other than the owner and family, or in addition to the owner and family, who pay to reside in the homes with money, service, or other in-kind transaction.



           Section 4.03 of the Declaration is the primary authority for these policies and procedures. It states in part that the Board “shall develop, publish, and enforce regulations for reclassifying residential property within Eaglesgate” that are intended for rental or lease.

           Further aspects of the Board’s responsibilities are contained in Sections 1.25(c ), 1.27, 11.02,  and 11.05(a). Compliance with the Association’s policies are covered in Article XIV of the Declaration, as well other provisions within the Declaration, and the general administrative authorities and responsibilities delegated to the Board.

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Updated 10-18