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Important Information for Builders: New Home Construction in Eaglesgate

The Eaglesgate Community Association looks forward to making new home projects a pleasant and rewarding experience for builders who choose to build in Eaglesgate. The neighborhood continues to grow steadily and residents take great pride in the unique look and appeal of their homes.

The Association’s goal is to assure that the neighborhood development continues to reflect the quality, value, and architectural integrity originally envisioned for Eaglesgate.

Standards and requirements for new homes are contained in Declaration of Covenants, Restrictions, Easements, Charges, Assessments and Liens for Eaglesgate, LLC The development guidelines for construction based on the Covenants are contained in Eaglesgate Construction Guidelines.

Most of the standards and requirements for new home construction can be found in Articles VIII, X, XI and XIII of the Covenants. TheEaglesgate Construction Guidelines  provide more details, as well as information not covered in the Covenants. Most of the important information in these documents is summarized for builders here.

The Covenants charge the Association’s Design Review Committee specifically with the review and approval of new home plans and monitoring of construction projects. Builders who wish to construct a new home in Eaglesgate are required to submit detailed plans to the Committee for review and written approval before any work begins on a lot.

Builders must complete and submit to the DRC the Home Construction Request form and other information such as site plan, floor plans, elevations, building materials, landscape plans, and construction standards. In addition to review and approval of plans, the Committee monitors construction progress, reviews and approves construction change requests, and helps builders keep impact on the neighborhood to a minimum.

The Home Construction Request form is located here. The Construction Change Request is located here.

Construction Projects by Homeowners

The Association’s Design Review Committee also must review and approve in writing all homeowner-initiated projects that impact on the appearance of homes and property. Residents’ projects must comply with standards and requirements set out in the Covenants and theEaglesgate Construction Guidelines  

Homeowners contemplating a remodeling or other project should familiarize themselves with Sections VIII, X, XI and XIII of the Covenants.

The Residents Project Request form must be completed and submitted with material requested on the form to the DRC. The form can be found here.

For further information, please email the Association at

Last updated July 13, 2016

Builders' Documents

Builders' Forms

Residents' Forms

Builders Requirements

Here is a summary of issues that arise most commonly during a construction project. The Design Review Committee will work closely with builders to insure a work site that is as professional, clean, and safe as possible.

If builders have questions about any of these issues or others, they should contact the Design Review Committee at

Construction start date
A builder unable to start construction within 60 days of the closing on the lot is required to request a waiver from the DRC in writing. If it appears that the builder will not be able to complete the project in six months after the start, an extension of the construction period must be obtained from the DRC.
Before construction begins
No disturbance on the lot grounds should occur until the builder has arranged to have in place at the site these three structures:
A silt barrier to prevent mud, silt, and water damage to private property, sidewalks, streets, ponds, and common grounds.
A dumpster to collect trash and debris as it is created.
A portable toilet for workers to use at the site.
Working hours
Builders should inform sub-contractors and workers that work is allowed only between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. No outside work is allowed on Sundays or holidays.
Changes in construction plans
If there is a need to make changes to the original plans, including the building exterior, color or materials, lot grade, or any other changes that will impact on the building's quality, appearance, or neighboring property, the builder will need to request approval for such changes from the DRC. The Home Construction Change Request form is here.
Switching of materials
Materials specified in the Home Construction Request must not be changed or substituted without the builder first obtaining approval in writing from the DRC. Certain materials may be deemed adequate by the builder but do not meet standards specified in the Covenants or the development guidelines. Members of the DRC will visit the construction site regularly to monitor materials compliance, among other things. If non-compliant items are found, particularly windows or exterior materials, the builder will be required to replace them before construction can continue.
Gravel and mud track-out
Builders are asked to take measures to prevent or reduce gravel and mud track-out from the construction site onto streets, sidewalks, neighboring lots, and the common grounds.
Construction parking and traffic
Worker, sub-contractors, vendors, and others who need to be at the site should park on only one side of the street at the site. They should take care not to block driveways and mailboxes. They should not impede or obstruct traffic, being especially mindful of emergency vehicles, mail delivery, and trash pickup and snow removal vehicles.
Damage to adjacent lots
If construction results in any damage to adjacent lots, that damage must be repaired. Particular attention should be paid to areas where bare earth has been exposed.
Noise and nuisance issues
Builders should remind workers that loud music is not allowed. Trash, debris and other intrusions upon the neighbors should be kept to a minimum.
Where to find standards and requirements
Articles VIII, XI and XIII of Declaration of Covenants, Restrictions, Easements, Charges, Assessments and Liens for Eaglesgate, LLC and the Eaglesgate Construction Guidelines can be viewed online here.

Last updated July 13, 2016