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Important Information for Contractors & Vendors

On this page, you will find information about what is required for contractors and vendors to complete projects in Eaglesgate and, specifically, resident projects.

Contractors and Vendors

The Eaglesgate Community Association regularly seeks services or products for maintenance, repair, cleaning, and other needs for the sub-division’s clubhouse, ponds, pool, and tennis and basketball courts, as well as mowing and landscaping for common grounds and vacant lots. Contractors and vendors who wish to offer services and products should feel free to contact the Association by email or letter. Contact information is here.

When seeking proposals for goods or services, the Association prefers to obtain more than one bid or proposal to most responsibly meet the sub-division’s finances and needs.

Where major projects are involved, written contracts may be required. Among the contract requirements, some optional depending on the project, are terms and conditions of compensation, details of the project, deadlines, performance standards, bonding and/or insurance, and lien waiver.

Contractors and vendors are expected to follow all Eaglesgate rules and regulations while in the neighborhood. That particularly involves parking on streets so as not to present a safety hazard, impede traffic, or block driveways and mailboxes.

Resident Projects

Eaglesgate residents may engage contractors and vendors on their own for remodeling, landscaping or other projects on their property.

When such a project involves construction, contractors must meet the standards and requirements contained in Section XI of the  Covenants and the Eaglesgate Construction Guidelines.

The Association’s Design Review Committee must review and approve all plans for homeowner projects that change the exterior of homes or the overall appearance of the lot, or has a significant impact on the immediate neighbors or the general community.

Last updated June 12, 2014